Experimented consultant, with a solid network of contacts and clients, wishing to release himself from the administrative charges linked to an independent activity, MITC proposes to hire you as an employee.

Guidelines and daily work at the client’s, administrative, legal and financial management at MITC’s.

You benefit from a real employment contract with MITC, offering you all the usual social deductions:

  • Retirement Insurance (1st pillar)
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Insurance for occupational and non-occupational accident,
  • Insurance for loss of gain in case of illness/ accident
  • Pension fund (2nd pillar)

The contract signed with MITC is an undetermined duration contract (CDI). This includes a notice period for an end of contract that offers you the liberty to interrupt the contract equally from your side, and opens your rights to unemployment insurance in case of end of the mission from the client’s side (resignation of the contract from MITC). A minimal security not negligible.

The below schema presents in full transparency various flows and actions between the parts from the identification of a need to the administrative, legal and financial management of the relation.