The first objective of MITC was the placement of resources in the Information Technology field. The customer submitted a request of external resource to MITC, and MITC would then present resumes that the customer selected. This is a classical approach that numerous informatic service agencies already offered and still offer today.

The activities of MITC has therefore evolved towards pure payroll service out of the following observation:

The clients received spontaneous resumes from people with whom they wanted to work as external consultant. Thereafter, it is then a question of asking a company to hire the selected consultant. In this context, MITC thus becomes supplier of the client and employer of the consultant. We do not own the mandate

In order for this schema to be applicable, it is essential that the client has defined a master contract with MITC, to whom he will ask to hire the consultant at the appropriate time. As the workload of MITC is independent of the rate of the consultant, a monthly contractual commission is defined in the master contract between the client and the employer.

The invoiced rate is negotiated directly between the client and the consultant. MITC has to distribute the fees charged in gross salary and welfare costs employer.

It exists a third different approach of payroll services principle that is when MITC is contacted by consultants who find themselves a mission in Switzerland or abroad. They are looking for a Swiss employer or Payrolling company because they want to keep their employee status of a swiss company even if the mission is abroad. MITC will quickly contact the customer abroad in order to draw up the contract of the consultant’s mission who will be employed by MITC